Stage 2 water restrictions: What does it mean?

Stage 2 water restrictions: What does it mean?

Whilst in the midst of a continuing electricity crisis, and heatwave, Gauteng residents now have to contend with water restrictions. Journalist Christelle du Toit explains what exactly is happening.

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Earlier this week Jacaranda FM News reported that Joburg Water had released a warning that reservoir levels were critically low.

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The utility urged its users to begin using water sparingly, but more recently Rand Water implemented stage 2 water restrictions in Tshwane, Johannesburg, and Ekurhuleni.

Stage 2 water restrictions dictate that people use water sparingly by not using hoses to wash their cars or driveways and not filling up pools at this time.

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A further blow to consumers is the increased tariffs which will see users paying almost double for their water consumption even if they use the same amount as before the restriction.

Christelle du Toit did some math and came to the following values under stage 2 water restrictions:

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