Vapes could soon have parental locks

Vapes could soon have parental locks

As smoking regular cigarettes has become less cool, vaping is still on the rise.

Vapes could soon have parental locks

There is no doubt that smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes are bad for the human body.

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While countries are trying to make it harder for smokers to light up a cigarette just anywhere, the vaping industry just seems to continue to grow.

You might be thinking that people over the age of 20 might be the biggest consumers of e-cigs, but you would be shocked to know that children and teenagers seem to all have a vape in their hands these days:

Vapes could come with parental locks

As shocking as it is to see that a large percentage of e-cig users are younger than expected, there might be some hope still.

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JUUL, one of the world's most popular e-cigarette brands, is working on a new innovation to help keep kids away from these devices.

The company has recently submitted new plans to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States for their next-generation vapor platform.

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While the project does include many changes to the current product that will hopefully see more people giving up normal cigarettes for vapes, more importantly, the design is set to include plans for an app that will help parents regulate use.

Another hope is that these new innovations will curb underage use.

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According to JUUL, features of the next-generation platform, informed by insights from adult smokers, include:

  • A more consistent vapor experience that better competes with combustible cigarettes
  • A Bluetooth-enabled device with a larger, long-lasting battery and a “smart light system” that communicates battery life and e-liquid level to the user
  • Newly-designed, tamper-resistant pods that enable improved aerosol delivery
  • An innovative heating element that improves product performance and temperature-control precision
  • A unique Pod ID chip that, among other tech capabilities, prevents the use of illicit counterfeit and compatible pods with the next-generation device
  • A mobile and web-based app that enables age-verification technology, including device-locking, and real-time product information and usage insights for age-verified consumers with industry-leading data-privacy protections

The product has already been launched in the UK and the company are hoping to launch this new device worldwide soon.

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