Woman says she "doesn't mind girls trying to steal" her boyfriend

Woman says she "doesn't mind girls trying to steal" her boyfriend

How secure are you in your relationship?

Couple celebrating Valentine's Day

There are very few people who would be comfortable seeing their significant other being approached by someone else, who is making it clear that. they do not have the purest of intentions.

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In more basic terms: when somebody is trying to steal your partner, it would be quite natural for you to have a negative reaction towards the attempted homewrecker.

While more normal reactions would be jealousy or anger, one woman says that she has absolutely no problem with women approaching her boyfriend.

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Alexis Makenzie, @alexis.makenzie, took to social media and shared how her super attractive, ten out of ten boyfriend, is the key to an ego boost.

She openly stated that she considers her boyfriend to be out of her league, but that's not what provides her with the confidence booster.

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In the video, she explains that it's how other people approach her boyfriend, especially when she is travelling and out of town for a while, that fills her with joy, makes her laugh and is what makes her feel really good about herself.

You can watch her explain the situation here:

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It might not be the ideal situation for the majority of us, but to each their own.

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