Waitress receives R35 tip on R1,050 bill: Did she deserve more?

Waitress receives R35 tip on R1,050 bill: Did she deserve more?

A recent TikTok video showing a significant bill and the amount the waitress was tipped has divided viewers.

Waitress receives R35 on R1000 bill

Working in the service industry can be difficult.

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Sometimes you have to deal with customers who are thankless and just plain rude, all while keeping a cheery disposition and a smile on your face.

As customers, the least you can do is give your waiter or waitress a deserving tip if they have been delivering good service.

A recent TikTok video has sparked a serious debate over a R35 tip.

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In a video shared by user @larrybyday, a picture of a restaurant receipt is shown and you can see the total to be paid that was calculated by the restaurant, which includes tip.

The amount to be paid was specified as R1,015 and the establishment added the tip to this amount which meant the final bill was R1116.50.

This would have given the waitress a 10% tip of R101.50.

However, the customer decided they were only going to tip the waitress R35.

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@Larrybyday mentions in his video that he doesn't want to "bash anybody" but we should all be doing better and they should have paid the full tip:

@larrybyday #greenscreen Eat at home, this was disrespectful, these people slaved at your table and also have family that needs to eat.😮😭 #restaurant#badtipper #canalwalk#brocka #larrybyday #southafrica ♬ Chill Vibes - Tollan Kim

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Many waiters and waitresses took to the comments section to air their grievances, saying that this happens all too often and that even when they provide the best possible service, they still don't receive a tip that reflects that.

However, a lot of the comments also included people defending the customer's choice not to pay the tip that was suggested:

Waitress receives R35 on R1000 bill

In the end, the least you can do is tip the waitstaff when you are dining out.

But now we are left with a bigger question: how much is enough?

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Main image courtesy of @larrybyday/TikTok

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