Passenger removed from flight after complaining about meal

Passenger removed from flight after complaining about meal

Airplane food might not be the best, but does it really warrant a full-blown freakout?

Passenger removed from flight after complaining about meal

There are many ways you can go viral these days.

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One perfectly timed recording or the social media algorithms working in your favour can skyrocket you into superstardom.

While many teenagers, influencers, and artists are hoping for their viral moment, it isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

Some people might capture the attention of thousands for all the wrong reasons.

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A recent airplane passenger was involved in such an event when he decided to verbally assault the crew on his flight.

Unfortunately for him, the whole incident was captured on video by a fellow passenger, Ashley Woodford, who then decided to upload this video to TikTok.

The man can be seen standing up from his seat, screaming and swearing at the airline crew because he was unhappy with the meal he was given.

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You can watch the full outburst here:

(Warning: Video contains strong language)

@ifyoureashleyanduknowit We got to stop in Chicago to let this super nice guy off the plane. He continued to laugh and antagonize the United crew after these, and they handled it with such calm! #unitedairlines #unitedairlinestiktok #amsterdam #chicago #houston ♬ original sound - Ashley Woodford

The passenger even shouted that he had been a loyal United Airlines flyer for a long time and that he had paid to have his way.

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Luckily for all the passengers on the flight from Texas to Amsterdam, the plane was able to stop in Chicago and the passenger was promptly escorted off.

He was also allegedly yelling as security accompanied him and was also filming those involved.

Even though the journey was delayed, the plane only arrived at its final destination three hours late.

May this be a lesson to anyone planning a trip any time soon...

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