VIDEO: Apple issues warning about common phone habit

VIDEO: Apple issues warning about common phone habit

There's a popular habit that you should really try to break...

iPhone users be warned: How to read deleted texts
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There are lots of different ways people use their own personal phones.

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Do you type with your thumbs or forefinger? When you are on a call, do you put the phone to your ear or do you talk on speakerphone?

While these are all personal traits that one can develop, there is one common habit that most people share.

Most phone users will put their phones on charge before heading to bed.

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The rationale is obviously that you won't be on your phone for a few hours so it can finally charge without being interrupted.

According to Apple, however, this should be avoided.

The iPhone manufacturer has issued a new warning that could cause bodily harm.

Tech companies will often release this information because, unfortunately, accidents do happen.

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Entrepreneur and technology enthusiast Scott Polderman has been sharing videos on YouTube and TikTok for a while.

On these platforms, he'll talk about new tech products, tech news, and hacks or tips for your devices.

In a recent video, he spoke about the warnings Apple have now issued and why they are concerned about certain practices being a safety concern:

@scottpolderman Apple issues a warning about charging your iPhone overnight. #iphonetips #iphone #apple #charging #iphonetricks #tech #trythis ♬ original sound - Scott Polderman

As mentioned above, Scott also shares other news and tips for tech devices such as:

@scottpolderman Parents change this iPhone setting in the new ios 17 right away. #iphonetips #iphonetricks #scottpolderman #iphone #fypシ ♬ original sound - Scott Polderman
@scottpolderman Find deleted text messages on your iPhone #iphonetips #iphonetricks #iphone #scottpolderman #fypシ ♬ original sound - Scott Polderman

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