VIDEO: 'Back To The Future 4' trailer is giving people goosebumps

VIDEO: 'Back To The Future 4' trailer is giving people goosebumps

If you are a 'Back To The Future' fan, don't get too excited just yet...

VIDEO: 'Back To The Future 4' trailer is giving people goosebumps
KH Studio/YouTube

In 1985, a movie called 'Back To The Future' was released and it instantly became a classic.

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The adventures of Marty McFly and Dr Emmett Brown have provided entertainment, laughs, and heartfelt moments for over 30 years.

The trilogy eventually gave viewers an idea of what to expect in the year 2015 and even though they may have gotten some things wrong, what they got right was creating a franchise that is extremely loved.

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That's why it's no surprise that the trailer for 'Back To The Future 4' had fans on the edge of their seats and some even got teary-eyed.

The trailer, created by the KH Studio Team, features actor Tom Holland (known for his role as the most recent 'Spider-Man') as Jake McFly, a brilliant young inventor who is obviously in some way related to the original McFly, Marty.

Have a look at the trailer below:

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While this looks like an amazing concept for a film, it is important to note that this is only a fan-made trailer and unfortunately Hollywood is not working on 'Back To The Future 4'... yet.

Even though this might only be a fake trailer, the response in the comments has been proof of the original franchise's impact and the incredible talents of the KH Studio Team.

One commentator said: "That was awesome. I hate fan made trailers but they could totally pull this off. Good job. I agree, very well done and it almost had me in tears."

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Another added: "I know it is just a conceptual video, but still gave me GOOSEBUMPS!!!"

Just in case this made you want to take a trip down memory lane or you just have no idea what 'Back To The Future' even is, then here's the original 1985 movie trailer for you to enjoy:

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Main image courtesy of KH Studio/YouTube

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