VIDEO: Couple have "pop-up" wedding in cafe and refuse to pay

VIDEO: Couple have "pop-up" wedding in cafe and refuse to pay

Weddings are expensive, but this is not a solution...

VIDEO: Couple have "pop-up" wedding in cafe and refuse to pay

Everyone knows that hosting a wedding doesn't come cheap.

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For those who don't have the budget but are hoping to spend their special day with their loved ones by having a wedding in the traditional sense, there are ways of making it work.

Many engaged couples have shared DIY aspects of their weddings, you can buy or rent beautiful wedding dresses and you can even have the ceremony in someone's backyard.

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What you don't have to do is invite your entire wedding party and guests to a venue that you have no intention of paying for.

A speciality baked goods cafe called Mansion Society recently caught the attention of their followers when they posted about an incident that happened at their venue.

In their post, they mention that they had a bunch of wedding guests arrive before the bride and groom showed up, said their vows, and made it impossible for the staff of the cafe to attend to any other customers:

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The story quickly spread and soon the bride reached out to Mansion Society to "compensate" them for their trouble, only she didn't pay them what they felt they were owed.

They have posted an update in which they share the email they have sent to the bride requesting the full payment, a video of the ceremony taking place, and answering a few questions people had about the incident:

Hopefully, the cafe will be able to receive the compensation they have asked for.

Engaged couples, take note, there is no such thing as a free lunch and there is definitely no such thing as a free wedding.

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