VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson shares "gross" teeth brushing habit

VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson shares "gross" teeth brushing habit

Fans are divided after learning more about the singer's bath time routine...

Kelly Clarkson on 'The Voice'
Kelly Clarkson/ Instagram (@kellyclarkson, NBC's The Voice)

By now, celebrities are well aware that most of their lives are on display for the public.

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As soon as you enter the spotlight, you need to be ready to share your life with people who you don't know.

From romantic relationships to familial ties, people are going to be in your business - or at least try their best to find out everything they can.

But often we non-celebs are blessed, and cursed, with the rich and famous sharing intimate details about themselves without anyone even asking.

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More often than not, these stories or facts they share are pleasant, but sometimes it feels like too much information has been shared.

Singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson has never been one to shy away from telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so it should actually come as no surprise that she recently shared a lot about her shower routine.

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Clarkson was interviewing 'Saturday Night Live' star and Nickelodeon alum Kenan Thompson on her show about his new book.

His memoir titled, 'When I was Your Age: Life Lessons, Funny Stories & Questionable Parenting Advice from a Professional Clown', features some shower advice that Kelly wanted to know more about.

During this chat, Clarkson revealed that there is a lot she does in the shower in order to "save time".

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Watch the video below to hear her confession that some viewers have now labelled "gross":

Not everyone agrees with Kelly on the toothbrushing part but many fans are happy to know that one of the most famous and talented pop stars in the world also likes to wee in the shower.

According to comments on the video, this habit is more common than you would think...

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Main image courtesy of Kelly Clarkson/ Instagram (@kellyclarkson, NBC's The Voice)

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