VIDEO: Kid takes plate to restaurant kitchen after eating

VIDEO: Kid takes plate to restaurant kitchen after eating

There are many adults who can learn from her example.

VIDEO: Kid takes plate to restaurant kitchen after eating

Raising a child is not an easy business, but it's nice to see when something you've taught them sticks.

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Growing up there seems to be a constant stream of "please" and "thank you" coming from your parents with the hopes that you will turn out to be a well-mannered human being.

But there is no certainty that the lessons we teach our children will actually take hold until you see it in action.

A mom recently shared a video of her little girl doing the most wholesome thing while they were dining out at a popular SA restaurant.

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The mom, known on TikTok as Mama Layla, shared a video of her small daughter on the social media platform.

Her daughter, who is a brilliant example for other children - and even some adults - didn't want to leave her empty plate on the table after enjoying the meal so she did what she presumably would do at home.

She took her dirty plate to the kitchen area in the restaurant.

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You can watch the adorable video here:

@belike_liisa she shook me honestly 🤣🤣🤣#southafricatiktok🇿🇦 #southafrica #fyp ♬ original sound - Mandisa Mkhize

The comments on the video agreed that the girl has good values and is incredibly well-mannered, while complimenting her mom on her parenting skills.

One viewer even said, "Rumours says she even washed it😭😭🤣".

While she seems like the kind of person who would have done it if she were able, it probably didn't get that far.

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Main image courtesy of @belike_liisa/TikTok

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