VIDEO: Man fights group of hijackers and survives

VIDEO: Man fights group of hijackers and survives

These hijackers messed with the wrong couple.

Man fights group of hijackers and survives

Hijacking is a scourge that has plagued South Africans for years.

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According to Stats SA, in 2022/2023 alone, over 128,000 individuals experienced hijackings, whereas in 2021/2022, over 134,000 cases were recorded.

Often, when you are the victim in this type of situation, your focus is generally to get out of this traumatic experience alive.

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But sometimes the criminals choose the wrong target and a hero saves the day.

A commentary video showing a couple fighting off a group of hijackers has recently gained massive popularity because it is not your average hijacking.

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In the video, a couple in a bakkie are approached by random men and it quickly becomes evident what is happening.

While the woman in the passenger's seat gets out of the car and starts to move away, the hijacker opening the driver's door gets a massive surprise:

It seems like the couple could escape with their lives and no further physical harm was done.

The same can not be said for the attacker.

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