VIDEO: Man tries to teach Dale Steyn how to bowl

VIDEO: Man tries to teach Dale Steyn how to bowl

The former Proteas cricket player found it very 'educational'.

VIDEO: Man tries to teach Dale Steyn how to bowl

Have you ever had someone explain something to you that you know a lot about or are really good at?

Or worse... have you ever been the person explaining?

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Imagine trying to teach someone how to play tennis only to realise that you've been talking to former world number one and Grand Slam champion Roger Federer.

That could be quite embarrassing.

But not everyone watches every sport and knows the faces of every player.

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One cricket coach at a T20 World Cup event in New York wasn't too impressed when he tried to teach a new student how to bowl.

The student, however, was the incredibly talented cricketer Dale Steyn.

Steyn's extensive sporting CV is too long to list, but something important to note is that he currently holds the title of SA's leading wicket-taker in Test history. Shaun Pollock previously held this record for over 10 years before being dethroned by Steyn.

He is also regarded as one of the best bowlers of the Modern Era.

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On a recent outing, he was slightly humbled when stepping into a batting cage.

The bowling coach on the premises carefully instructed Steyn on how the bowling action works and what he should do with the ball.

Steyn patiently listened before attempting to take out the wickets.

Watch the hilarious video here:

Clearly, Dale has gotten a bit rusty since his retirement as the coach reminds him that "the ball has to bounce".

It is also great to see that the former professional is keen for a bit of fun.

South Africans have also thoroughly enjoyed the silliness of the video:

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