VIDEO: Contestant accidentally almost "poisons" food judges

VIDEO: Contestant accidentally almost "poisons" food judges

Becoming a MasterChef is no easy task...

VIDEO: Contestant accidentally almost "poisons" food judges

Cooking competitions can be stressful, nerve-wracking, and high-pressure.

And that's just for the people watching it at home.

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When it comes to being a contestant on shows such as 'Chopped' and 'MasterChef', cooks are always feeling the heat in the kitchen.

Not only are these chefs expected to whip out a tasty, creative, and beautiful dish in a limited amount of time, but they also have to impress seriously accomplished and respected judges.

This is obviously a recipe for disaster.

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While some manage to keep their cool in these competitive kitchens, there can only be one winner and sometimes a single mistake can be the end of the line for a chef.

It might even be the simplest, most common kitchen blunder that gets you sent home.

In the latest season of 'MasterChef UK', one cook saw his journey come to an end thanks to one of these tiny mistakes.

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Amateur chef Peter, 49, presented a dish to judges Gregg Wallace, 59, and John Torode, 58, and was hoping to impress them.

Unfortunately, he did the opposite and not only did it get him sent home, but it almost put the judges in danger.

Watch the moment unfold here as Peter discovers his horrible mistake:

Viewers shared that they had a lot of sympathy for Peter but it was clear that it just wasn't his time just yet:

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