VIDEO: Mechanic shares three useful tips for buying a used car

VIDEO: Mechanic shares three useful tips for buying a used car

If you're looking to purchase a second hand vehicle, here's what you need to know...

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Whether you are looking to buy your first car or replace your current one, a second-hand vehicle is always an option.

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Not only will you save some money, but you can also find many well-cared-for used cars.

But there is the issue of trust.

It's not always easy to trust a stranger and believe the promises they make, so before making a big purchase like this, you might want to know what to look out for.

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One TikToker is hoping to help those who might not have a lot of car knowledge.

Known as Jackson The Mekanic, this helpful mechanic wants to share tips, tricks, and information that might not be readily available to those outside of the industry.

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Jackson is a mechanic with his own shop but has helped many on social media avoid disappointment or just learn a few things.

In his most popular video, he tells potential second-hand car buyers what to look out for before purchasing a car:


3 simple checks

♬ original sound - Jackson The Mekanic

He has also made other videos about car maintenance and tips for those looking to purchase:


Watch this to save thousands on your next car

♬ original sound - Jackson The Mekanic

How to test and replace your car battery:


how to replace your car battery pt1

♬ original sound - Jackson The Mekanic

how to test and replace a car battery pt2

♬ original sound - Jackson The Mekanic

Thanks to social media, Jackson the Mekanic is always ready to help.

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