VIDEO: Famous couple reply to woman after she sent wedding invitations

VIDEO: Famous couple reply to woman after she sent wedding invitations

One of the most iconic couples in the world took the time to reply to a random letter.

VIDEO: Famous couple reply to woman after she sent wedding invitations

Celebrities get fan mail all the time.

Whether or not they respond is up to them.

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Many celebs have said they don't want to receive fan mail, while others take time out of their day to respond. In today's day and age, you might even consider a response to a tweet, video or comment as "replying to fan mail".

But many fans have sent letters to their favourite actors, singers, writers, and more, never to receive a single acknowledgement.

TikToker @breevmusic recently posted a video on the social media platform where she explained that before her wedding to her wife in September 2023, she had sent out a bunch of wedding invitations to various famous people they would have liked to attend their special day.

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This was a proper invitation but obviously, the couple did not set their heart on any of these people actually showing up.

However, in a major turn of events, Bree and her now-wife were surprised to receive a very important letter from a very influential couple to congratulate them.

The letter was written by none other than former President of the United States Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle.

Watch Bree react to the letter here:

@breevmusic BARACK OBAMA RESPONDED TO MY WEDDING INVITATION #weddingtiktok ♬ original sound - bree

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Although the letter did not make it to the couple on time they were completely unbothered and the original video now has over 5-million views.

She then followed it up by sharing the message the Obamas had sent to the couple:


The letter from the Obamas!!

♬ original sound - bree

The couple had initially thought that the signatures at the bottom of the letter were printed and many people said that the letter was probably just written by someone in their office and they never even saw it.

However, Bree made another discovery on the back of the letter:

@breevmusic Replying to @That Sad Beige Lady ♬ original sound - bree

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Main image courtesy of @breevmusic/TikTok

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