Company will pay you R200,000 for not using your phone for one month

Company will pay you R200,000 for not using your phone for one month

Would you be able to do it?

Company will pay you to not use smartphone for a month

In 2024, it is hard for the vast majority of people to imagine a life without certain technology.

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How would we get any work done without computers or laptops? When the wifi is off, how do we keep ourselves busy?

Most importantly: we can't imagine going anywhere without our cellphones.

One company has started 2024 by setting a challenge for those who think they are strong enough.

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Yoghurt brand siggi's has launched its competition and this is what they are asking participants to do:

In what's called their 'Digital Detox' and they want participants to put away their phones and start the year on the right foot.

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All you have to do is enter on their website, by filling in your usual details as well as writing an essay of between 100-500 words "explaining why you need a digital detox in your life and how it will impact you in a positive way that aligns with the siggi’s brand philosophy".

The winners will be chosen by the end of January and will receive the following to help them during this challenge:

  • $10,000 (estimated R200,000) 
  • Smartphone lockbox (to keep your personal phone locked away)
  • A flip phone
  • 1 Month pre-paid sim card
  • 3 Months' worth of siggi's yogurt

This might seem like a nightmare to most people, but that might mean that they need to look at how much time they spend staring at a screen.

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There are many studies that have looked into the effects of screen time and it can cause physical changes to your brain, increase symptoms of depression, and other negative effects.

Locking your phone away for a month might be too much too fast, but you can always try to be more aware of how much time you're spending staring at a screen and form easier habits like putting away/turning off all screens 30 - 60 minutes before bed.

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