VIDEO: Jared Leto climbs Empire State Building, makes history

VIDEO: Jared Leto climbs Empire State Building, makes history

It might take 30 Seconds To Mars but climbing this building took much longer...

VIDEO: Oscar-winning actor shows injuries after first to climb Empire State building

Jared Leto is known for many things.

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He is a multi-award-winning actor, the lead singer of the popular rock band 30 Seconds To Mars, a fashion icon, and so much more.

He's even played the role of 'The Joker' in the DC movies, but funnily enough, he might make a better Spider-Man.

Recently, the rockstar took on the challenge of climbing the Empire State Building in New York City and managed to complete the major feat.

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Leto managed to scale a section of the building, from floor 86 to the top, and with that became the first person ever to scale the building.

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In an interview with TODAY, the artist spoke about the experience and how he was "more excited than nervous", but that didn't make the endeavour any easier.

He even ended up with a few injuries:

And so the official list of Empire State Building climbers now includes King Kong and Jared Leto!

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Main image courtesy of @EmpireStateBldg/Twitter

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