VIDEO: "Professional" mermaid narrowly escapes danger

VIDEO: "Professional" mermaid narrowly escapes danger

What would you do if you found yourself in this situation?

VIDEO: "Professional" mermaid narrowly escapes danger

In 2023, it's not just animals that have tails and mermaids aren't just fictional creatures.

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Scientists have yet to discover any human fish hybrids living in the oceans, but kids (and adults) can live out their 'Little Mermaid' fantasies in the comfort of their own homes... or pools.

You can find yourself a beautiful mermaid tail, whether plastic or woollen, and some people have even turned being mermaids into a career.

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It might look like a nice accessory to add some extravagance to your pool fit while you're lounging around.

You might be dressed like one, but be careful when you try and put these tails to the test as they still don't grant you any mer-abilities, like breathing underwater.

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One "professional" mermaid had to think quickly on her fins when she found herself in a desperate situation and running out of breath.

A viewer who was close to the tank managed to capture a video of the moment when a mermaid went from tranquil to terrified as she struggled to get the constricting tail off and swim up for air:

Luckily it seems like the woman escaped the situation unscathed, but like the caption says, she'll probably be reconsidering her day job.

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