VIDEO: SA hitmaker educates USA on 'voertsek'

VIDEO: SA hitmaker educates USA on 'voertsek'

There is nothing more lekker than South African slang!

VIDEO: SA hitmaker educates USA on 'voetsek'
Real 92.3 LA/YouTube

From danko to haibo!

South Africans have a strong connection to their languages, especially the slang words.

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No matter where in the world you are, you just have to hear one of these words, and you know there's another Saffa close by.

Tyla the singer behind the international Billboard hit, 'Water', has been making waves across the world.

She's released remixes of her song featuring some of the biggest names in the music industry, rapper Travis Scott and DJ Marshmello, attended the GQ Men of The Year Awards, and been nominated for a Grammy.

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While traveling all around the world, Tyla recently had an interview on the Cruz Show in Los Angeles and was asked to clarify South African terms, phrases, and of course slang.

The hosts of the show asked her to explain a few including takkies but the one that caught her off-guard was voertsek!

Watch the interview moment here:

We can only hope this has educated a few international tourists coming to South Africa and looking to use the new words they learned.

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Main image courtesy of Real 92.3 LA/YouTube

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