WATCH: South African delivery driver 'ninja kicks' thief

WATCH: South African delivery driver 'ninja kicks' thief

This robber messed with the wrong Checkers Sixty60 driver!

WATCH: South African delivery driver 'ninja kicks' thief

Load shedding, the cost of living, petrol prices, and crime.

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There are a lot of reasons why South Africans might feel hopeless when they wake up in the morning.

But sometimes there are moments that restore our faith in humanity.

And it's usually where you least expect it.

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A video has been making the rounds on social media that shows a pretty classic scenario: someone getting robbed.

This story, however, has a wild plot twist and a happy ending.

After a thief at a petrol station tried to get away but was stopped just in time by some next-level skills from a delivery driver.

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Take a look to see what happened:

The comment section is filled with people complimenting the driver for thinking on his feet calling him a "delivery driver by day and a superhero by night".

Here are a few of the other top comments:

  • "And you guys want to tell me "Friday Action Night" on ETV wasn't important to this country."
  • "Still got the groceries to the destination on time. Man is efficient"
  • "Checkers 'Check this move'" 

While the driver and all involved in stopping the thief hopefully walked away unharmed, we can't say the same for the man on the receiving end of the kick.

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