VIDEO: Rob Forbes' recipe for honey Rooibos wings

VIDEO: Rob Forbes' recipe for honey Rooibos wings

Will this recipe be Chef Certified?

VIDEO: Rob Forbes' recipe for honey Rooibos wings

If you've never heard of the Culinary Olympics, then you are not alone.

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Rob Forbes and Rozanne McKenzie recently discovered that this competition exists and their curiosity took over.

What does the Culinary Olympics entail? 

What events are there and how similar are they to the athletic Olympics?

Luckily, they were able to track down someone who was a competitor at the International Exhibition of Culinary Art (IKA) Culinary Olympics in Germany this year.

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Chef Pieter Malan proudly represented South Africa at this year's competition and walked away with a bronze medal!

A major achievement.

Since Rob is such an avid cook, Roz and Chef Pieter decided to give him a bit of a cooking challenge.

Watch below to find out if Rob was able to pull it off:

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