VIDEO: SA TikToker compares Amazon to local online shops

VIDEO: SA TikToker compares Amazon to local online shops

Amazon has officially launched in South Africa, but should people be excited?

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It has been a long time coming, but on the 8th of May, e-commerce giant Amazon finally became accessible for South Africans. 

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The American online retailer has long been popular in the US, UK, Canada, and many other countries.

South Africans have been waiting for this day, but in the meantime, have become accustomed to the sites that have been available to us.

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Takealot, One Day Only, Superbalist, Loot, and many other physical stores have occupied the SA e-commerce space.

Most importantly, they've done so with very few complaints from their shoppers.

They offer a large variety of products, have great customer service, are local, and have ticked the boxes that Amazon does in other countries.

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So with another online shop entering the chat, how does it compare to these established brands and is Amazon even necessary?

Local TikToker Brenden Roberts (@brendenr22) has posted a series of videos where he compares Amazon to Takealot.

Here's what he has to say:

@brendenr22 #greenscreen Takealot watch out - Amazon is finally in South Africa🤩😎 @Brenden Roberts #tiktoksouthafrica #southafricatiktok #southafrica #amazon #takealot ♬ original sound - Brenden Roberts
@brendenr22 #greenscreen Could this be the end for Takealot - Comparitve deals on Amazon South Africa💥🥊🇿🇦 #tiktoksouthafrica #southafricatiktok #southafrica #takealot #amazon #amazonsouthafrica ♬ original sound - Brenden Roberts

He's even done a special Mother's Day edition:

@brendenr22 #greenscreen Amazon ve Takealot Mother’s Day edition🌸🥊 #tiktoksouthafrica #southafricatiktok #southafrica #takealot #amazonsouthafrica #mothersday ♬ original sound - Brenden Roberts

It is important to note that this could all be temporary and it will take some time for Amazon to settle in, get their "launch specials" out of the way, and then the real battle begins.

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