Video shows what cracking knuckles looks like

Video shows what cracking knuckles looks like

You learn something new every day...

Video shows what "cracking" knuckles looks like

There is a very obvious divide between people who find cracking their knuckles satisfying and those who find the sound unbearable.

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No matter which side you fall on, have you ever wondered what it actually looks like when you crack those knuckles?

What exactly is happening with your body when you do this?

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There have long been debates over whether this is actually bad for you and if it can lead to arthritis.

But we'll get to that in a minute...

First, here is what popping, locking, and cracking your knuckles looks like using a fluoroscope. 

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According to the CDC: "Fluoroscopy is a medical procedure that makes a real-time video of the movements inside a part of the body by passing x-rays through the body over a period of time."

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If you have ever cracked your knuckles, someone has probably mentioned that doing so will cause arthritis in your hands in the future.

As it turns out, that's far from the truth.

Dr Robert Klapper, an orthopaedic surgeon and co-director of the Joint Replacement Program, has confirmed that knuckle cracking is harmless whether you are popping your finger, toes, ankle or neck joints.

If you experience pain when doing this, it might indicate that there is a possible underlying issue.

Now you can enjoy cracking and popping to your heart's content.

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