VIDEO: Lifeguard kicks scared boy off diving board

VIDEO: Lifeguard kicks scared boy off diving board

This video has shocked thousands of viewers and rightly so.

VIDEO: Lifeguard kicks scared boy off diving board
Gabi Kwiatkowski

Everyone has fears, and just because someone else's fears might seem irrational to you, doesn't make it any less real for them.

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Recently, people all around the world were appalled and shocked by a video that popped up on their Facebook timelines.

The video in question was posted by Gabi Kwiatkowski and was taken at a swimming pool in Austria.

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It shows a child on a diving board, which is quite far up in the air. 

The child is standing on the edge, clearly hesitant to jump, before a lifeguard kicks him with enough force that he plummets to the swimming pool below.

You can watch the video here:

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Witnesses say that the child might have been scared of jumping and two lifeguards had previously asked him to come down from the board before the final one decided to take matters into his own hands.

The authorities in charge of the swimming pool, Steyrer Stadtbades, have since released a statement where they confirmed the lifeguard to be one of their employees:

The company have launched an internal investigation and the employee in question has taken time off, while local authorities have also gotten involved by launching their own investigation.

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Main image courtesy of Gabi Kwiatkowski/Facebook

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