VIDEO: South African elephants steal oranges from truck

VIDEO: South African elephants steal oranges from truck

They saw an opportunity and they took it!

Elephants stealing oranges from broken down truck
Austin Johnson/xxxxTheKing/Twitter

There are many things that make South Africa unique.

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But something that South Africa has always been known for around the world is its wildlife.

Many tourists will be pleasantly surprised to find that there are no lions roaming the Johannesburg city streets or rhinos walking through the Mother City... for now at least.

And while our wildlife might not get too crazy, occasionally, if you are lucky enough you might capture some of their antics and drama on video.

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Austin Johnson has shared a video that has captured the South African spirit so beautifully and it has made waves across social media for all the right reasons.

In the video, which has now been viewed more than 14-million times, two men can be seen trying to fix the tyre on a truck.

While they are busy fixing their broken-down vehicle, the camera pans to a herd of elephants casually grabbing a few fruits from the back of the truck.

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You can see the video here:

The comments on the video have been just as hilarious as the video itself, with many saying that "this is the most SA thing they have ever seen".

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Main image courtesy of Austin Johnson/xxxxTheKing/Twitter

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