VIDEO: TikToker claims carrots give the best fake tan

VIDEO: TikToker claims carrots give the best fake tan

This TikTok hack has left viewers with a lot of questions...

TikToker claims carrots give the best fake tan

When it comes to TikTok, you just need one video to go viral and your whole life can change.

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Whether they show off their killer dance moves or share a life hack that no one has ever tried but is truly life-changing, there are various ways in which creators can capture our attention and spark conversations.

Most recently a TikTok creator has shone some new light on the importance of including carrots in your diet.

And it's not just purely for health reasons either.

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Isabelle shared a video on the social media platform where she claims that her gorgeous tan is all thanks to eating three large carrots a day.

In the video she shows comparisons of her skin tone before she started this habit and after.

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She also states that she has not used self-tanner or any kind of fake tan and that her "glow" is produced solely by consuming carrots.

@isabelle.lux Carrots >>>>> #beautyfood #beautyhacks #carrottan ♬ original sound - Isabelle ⚡️ Lux

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But seeing how influencers and online content creators can fake their content, is there truth to her tanning hack?

As it turns out, eating carrots can alter your skin tone.

The Encyclopedia Britannica states that when consuming large quantities of carrots, people can notice a slight orange hue to their skin:

The condition is considered harmless and can be reversed through a change of diet.

Also note that every human being is different and genetics, skin type, and other factors play a role in how this affects people.

So for better eyesight and tanner skin, take a few notes from TikTok and Bugs Bunny.

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Main image courtesy of @isabelle.lux/TikTok

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