VIDEO: What happens when you don't eat before drinking alcohol

VIDEO: What happens when you don't eat before drinking alcohol

Warning: This article contains footage that is not suitable for sensitive viewers.

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It's a common tip that you should eat before you drink alcohol.

Especially if you plan on drinking a few glasses instead of just one or two.

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The reasoning behind this is that the food "lines your stomach" and it leads to you not getting inebriated as quickly.

But do any of us really know the true workings behind this and is it even accurate? Does it really work?

There are many scientists, researchers, and educators who have taken to social media to share the mechanics behind this.

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A very simple, yet effective video created by popular TikTok channel How It Works has a visually detailed video showing you how it works:

@howitliterallyworks Empty stomach had no chance…😵‍💫 #howitworks #howitsmade #alcohol #beer #wine ♬ original sound - How It Works ⚙️

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If you have a strong stomach (no pun intended) and you are truly interested in seeing the science behind this, then this might be for you.

The Institute of Human Anatomy is a private lab situated in Salt Lake City, USA, that specialises in anatomical education using real human cadavers.

They have their own YouTube channel where they post all kinds of informative videos with the help of their very real props.

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In this specific video, they discuss the various effects of alcohol on the human body and show what happens to your body by using human body parts such as the stomach, liver, and brain.

If you are brave enough, it's not that bad and you do get to see the effects of alcohol in great detail:

Remember to drink responsibly.

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