VIDEO: Woman explains turbulence theory for those scared of flying

VIDEO: Woman explains turbulence theory for those scared of flying

If you are hoping to overcome your fear, this could help.

Woman explains how turbulence works
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Flying can be scary and it is a justified fear.

While there is no immediate need to be fearful of flying, it does feel unnatural for humans to be that high up in the sky.

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Unlike birds, we were not built for that.

Recently a 73-year-old man died on a flight to Singapore. The flight was hit with severe turbulence and around 70 passengers were injured.

The plane also had to make an emergency landing in Bangkok.

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After this heavily reported incident flight anxiety has obviously increased.

A viral video made and posted by TikTok creator Anna Paull, is hoping to alleviate some stress for anyone who might feel heightened anxiety ahead of a flight.

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In the video, Anna uses jelly and a piece of paper to explain airplane turbulence.

She also shares that she had heard this explanation from "an actual pilot".

Watch her video here:


Fear of flying tip ✈️❤️

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While the explanation might not be the most scientific, many viewers have thanked her for making them feel more at ease about the subject.

  • tabitha.l.gonz: "I definitely needed this. I always drug myself up so I sleep the whole way. If not I have a panic attack".
  • Jem Laing: "Flying from Bali to Sydney in 6 hours. Nearly went to the Pharmacy for a vallium to help me. Thank you 😂🙏".
  • 𝓡𝓪𝓷𝓲𝓪 ꨄ: "I just had a turbulence like 3 days ago I was like "I'm in a jelly im just in a jelly"".

If you want a more thorough explanation from a professional, here is a more detailed video by the Wall Street Journal featuring a pilot with over 30 years of experience:

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