VIDEO: Woman finds words printed on her bread

VIDEO: Woman finds words printed on her bread

How could these words have found their way onto the loaf?

VIDEO: Woman finds words printed on her bread

When buying food from any store, you assume it has gone through the necessary processes to determine that it's safe for consumption.

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But occasionally, because of human or mechanical error, a slip up occurs, leading to recalls or apologies from manufacturers and suppliers.

Luckily, it's mostly harmless and rather safe than sorry.

One woman was recently left shocked when she discovered something strange about the bread she had bought.

It's not really a habit for most people to check their bread for anything out of the ordinary, except for maybe mould.

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However, this consumer might have first thought it was a mouldy patch on her fresh bread but soon discovered it was something else entirely.

Watch the video to see the printed text that made it onto her bread:


ngavele nga sutha same time💔😭

♬ original sound - bongzbongz12345 bongz

We might have some ideas about how this could have happened, but we will have to accept that we will never fully know the truth.

In the meantime, be sure to doublecheck your food... just in case.

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Main image courtesy of @bobo_bobz/TikTok

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