VIDEO: Woman secretly records hot co-worker for TikTok

VIDEO: Woman secretly records hot co-worker for TikTok

Is this a creepy situation or harmless?

Woman secretly records hot colleague

When it comes to relationships with co-workers, it can be a tricky thing to navigate.

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A rule that has been passed down from generation to generation is: don't become romantically involved with people at work.

The rationale behind it is that if it doesn't work out, it could make things very awkward.

But what if it does work out?

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While it might be frowned upon, and sometimes actively discouraged, there have been many beautiful love stories that have come from these circumstances.

This situation is a bit different.

An anonymous woman on TikTok has been posting videos in which she shows off her handsome colleague.

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According to her, she's "just a girl documenting her hot colleague", and although she's only posted 13 videos, they have gone viral with millions of views.

In her videos, she simply compiles clips of her colleague and shares them with the world, and viewers have thanked her for providing this "service".

Here is her first video that has over seven-million views:

@someoneiworkwith Full time on site 🙋🏻‍♀️ #malaysia ♬ Pony - Ginuwine

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In the captions of her videos, she shared some details about her attractive co-worker like the fact that he is single and how tall he is.

But it seems like her secret hobby is coming to an end as he found out about the account and so did HR:

@someoneiworkwith He found out about this account (so did HR)… I’m in trouble so may as well drop his IG #viral #booktok #fyp ♬ RED - STE

Since that video, she has continued posting and most recently she shared what his voice sounds like:

@someoneiworkwith New Instagram account in bio 😘 If you want to hear more, maybe I should do a Q&A with Tom? #booktok #fyp #viral ♬ I See Red - Everybody Loves An Outlaw

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