WATCH: Confused Americans try to use a circle for the first time

WATCH: Confused Americans try to use a circle for the first time

This new junction definitely threw them for a loop.

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Being able to get into a car and go anywhere you want can be very freeing, but there can also be a lot of anxiety and road rage that comes with having a licence.

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Traffic might be the biggest trigger, but who knew that a shape as simple as a circle could cause so much confusion?

It could be the case that while circles in South Africa are still slightly misunderstood, the general consensus is that drivers know how to use them.

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Unlike Americans who apparently have no idea how a circle functions even though they can be found across the country.

Walker Construction, a company operating in the United States, decided to share a video of American drivers using a circle - and it's clear that these poor drivers had no idea what they were getting into!

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In the video below, drivers can be seen heading the wrong way around the circle and taking the wrong exits.

The new circle was installed in Rowan County, Kentucky, and Walker Construction wanted to share the video in the hopes of educating drivers on how NOT to use a circle:

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According to KYTC, there are many reasons why circles are better than other forms of junctions. They are proven to be safe, especially in areas that are particularly busy and where they are hoping to reduce the severity of crashes.

Circles are also better for the environment as cars don't need to stop and start as much as with other junctions.

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We're sure these Kentucky locals will soon get the hang of things and they'll be driving safely and comfortably.

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Main image courtesy of Walker Construction/Facebook

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