#WorldRadioDay: Five things you didn't know about Rozanne McKenzie

#WorldRadioDay: Five things you didn't know about Rozanne McKenzie

In celebration of one of our favourite days, we're you giving you a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of one-half of your favourite duo!

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It should come as no surprise that we obviously LOVE all things radio and we will always aim to spread the joy and happiness it brings to as many of you as possible.

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We obviously believe sharing is caring and there isn't a lot we won't tell you, our listeners.

You might know that she's a mom of two a self-proclaimed fitness freak but there are a few things you don't know about Rozanne McKenzie... yet. 

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So we've decided to ask her some of your burning questions like how she get started on this journey, what have been some of her highlights, etc.

Let's get into it!

1. When did your radio journey start and how did it happen?

"I started in radio at UCT radio in 2001. It was my second year of media studies and drama. I started as a newsreader and then the following year I started doing news and traffic, and kind of sidekick contributor vibes to the breakfast show. Then I had quite a long break between 2002 and starting on Jacaranda FM in 2013. In between, I was mostly doing voice-overs and acting, musical theatre, TV and all of that stuff, but I found my way back to radio in August of 2013."

2. What is your most special on-air Jacaranda FM moment?

"I have to say that my fondest moment on Jacaranda FM has to be the reveal of me with Rob Forbes, with the glitter, on Breakfast with Martin Bester as the new Drive Show hosts. That happened on the 27th of July 2022 and I will never forget that morning. That was something so special and it just was a culmination of nine years of hard work and commitment and loyalty to one place. Now I'm the co-host of The Drive Show, which is pretty damn awesome."

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3. When did you fall in love with radio and why did you decide to pursue a career in radio?

"I think I fell in love with radio as a kid. I used to be that child that listened to the radio, and I'm giving away my age now, and then I would tape the songs. That I liked and I didn't want to have the DJ's voice in, so I would have to be very quick to just tape the song and not the person announcing the song, and now that's what I do for a living. Being an only child I think the radio entertained and kept me busy."

4. What has been your favourite radio interview thus far?

"I honestly don't know, there's been so many. Early B, in Mauritius doing traffic, is definitely a highlight."

5. If you weren't a radio presenter, what would you be doing?

"I would be a TV presenter. It was always going to be something in the media so I can't really imagine myself doing anything else at this point. So if I wasn't a radio presenter I would be unemployed."

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But wait... there's more!

Rob decided to surprise Roz with a very special clip.

Take a listen to find out how she reacted:

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