WATCH: Mzansi reacts to Kanye West “moving” to South Africa

WATCH: Mzansi reacts to Kanye West “moving” to South Africa

Has anyone told him about loadshedding?

Kanye West says he's moving to South Africa with new wife Bianca Censori in fake video

Faking content has come a long way in the last decade. It all started with terribly Photoshopped pictures and has now become increasingly convincing - and quite frankly a little bit scary. 

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Edited pictures have been replaced with videos that seem so lifelike and real, you might even start to question your own reality. Deepfakes, as they are called, are created using a form of artificial intelligence called, deep learning, to create fake events, as seen in the video below where Barack Obama has a lot to say about Donald Trump:

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The only issue is, as real as it may seem, that video is fake and Obama never said those words (in public at least).

The latest fake video to capture online users’ attention is one featuring Kanye West.

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In the video, Kanye can be heard saying that he is looking to move to South Africa with his new wife, Bianca Censori:

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It might seem convincing, as many users were fooled by the video, but others were quick to point out that the footage of Kanye has been edited.

The footage used in the video is from an old interview and has been synced up to the audio of the rapper’s voice, which has been doctored to make it appear as though Kanye has actually made this statement. 

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While the video might be fake, South Africans still used this opportunity to share their thoughts on whether or not Kanye should actually make the move:

One thing most of Mzansi can agree on is that Kanye probably won’t be visiting anytime soon.

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