Famous musician lists worn underwear on eBay racking up R1.7 million in bids

Famous musician lists worn underwear on eBay racking up R1.7 million in bids

We see London, we see France, we see someone's underpants!

Rapper Latto gets revenge by selling underwear for millions
Latto Official Twitter

When someone has wronged you, your first thought tends to go to revenge. Although revenge is generally never the right answer. Instead, you should just take the high road or even better, take a lesson out of rapper Latto’s book on payback.

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In a recent Twitter exchange, a user tried to troll her and shamed her for an outfit choice she had made. According to this user, laundry day doesn’t exist as they called her out for wearing the same pair of underwear twice.

After seeing the tweet, Latto not only decided to respond but she took it one step further:

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The very next day she decided to list the underwear on eBay, stating that she had to sell them since she can’t wear them again. This sparked a major bidding war amongst her fans.

The bidding started at 99 cents and clearly, not even Latto herself thought it would rack up the amount it did, but before the listing was removed, it was sitting comfortably at a massive R1,6-million bid.

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According to Insider an eBay spokesperson said that the listing was removed because it violates their “health and hygiene standards”.

"eBay is committed to maintaining a safe and vibrant community by ensuring goods sold on our platform comply with our policies, including our health and hygiene standards," a spokesperson said in an email statement. "Listings that include used underwear are prohibited under our used clothing policy."

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While Latto won’t be able to cash her cheque, she definitely gets kudos for turning the “diss” into a lucrative opportunity.

And if you didn’t know about Latto, know you certainly do.

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Main image courtesy of Latto Official Twitter

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