Oops, she’s done it again: Britney Spears calls out famous actress for bullying

Oops, she’s done it again: Britney Spears calls out famous actress for bullying

Has the queen of pop become a victim or are people just concerned about her well-being?

Britney Spears mental health concerns Alyssa Milano old tweet
Britney Spears Official Instagram

For the past few years, all the attention has been on Britney and her struggle, from being freed of her conservatorship to being the topic of many unapproved documentaries and series.

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Although supporters might have been under the impression that once she was able to live her own life again, the drama would come to an end, that has clearly not been the case.

Britney has been fully utilizing her Instagram profile to share cute pictures she’s found, posting dance videos and more interestingly she has been using it to voice her opinion on many different things:

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She has spoken out against her family, more specifically her sister Jamie Lynn, and whenever the media have decided to run with a certain narrative, she has been quick to write a lengthy, but often times confusing, Instagram caption:

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Britney has also had to clarify and edit some of her statements regarding other celebs after being told that it seems as though she was being offensive, mean or shady.

The latest Britney-related drama to unfold happened after she posted an Instagram story in which she accuses a popular Hollywood actress of bullying her.

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Britney reposted a tweet by Alyssa Milano, which read “Someone please go check on Britney Spears.”

While we can only speculate what Alyssa’s intention was, it does seem like she is only worried about Britney and her health.

The singer clearly didn’t appreciate the alleged sentiment and posted the tweet on her story, writing the following:

Britney Spears accuses actress Alyssa Milano of bullying
Britney Spears Official Instagram

According to a representative for Milano, she has since reached out to Spears in private and has apologised for her tweet.

Britney has also spoken about her mental health recently after the police were called to perform a wellness check on her following her latest Instagram deactivation. 

While the public, who only get to see bits and pieces of these types of people’s lives, will never fully know how someone like Britney Spears is doing, we can only wish her the best and hope that she’s ‘Stronger’ than yesterday.

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Main image courtesy of Britney Spears Official Instagram

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