WATCH: Dad rescues daughter from waterslide

WATCH: Dad rescues daughter from waterslide

Father's Day might be over and done, but this man deserves a 'Dad of the Year' award.

WATCH: Dad rescues daughter from waterslide

If there's one thing waterslides are known for, it's being pretty slippery.

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That's generally what makes them enjoyable and is key to how they operate.

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen and there have been many cases of slippery slides doing some serious damage.

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One thing that might not be too common but still happens on these slides is people getting stuck.

A family, @thenuttyfamily1 on TikTok, who recently enjoyed a trip to a waterpark, found themselves in quite a predicament when their daughter got stuck on one of these water slides.

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Luckily, not all heroes wear capes and this little girl's dad was ready to brave the slippery waterslide slopes to rescue his little girl.

Quite impressively Andrew Reece, 38, managed to scale the waterslide, without falling and sliding all the way back down, before helping his daughter, Sienna become unstuck.

You can watch the adorable video here:

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Hopefully, the family could enjoy the rest of their day without any other waterslide-related incidents.

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Main image courtesy of @thenuttyfamily1/TikTok

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