Netflix announces 'Squid Game' reality show

Netflix announces 'Squid Game' reality show

Don't worry, no competitors will be losing their lives in this reality show version of the hit series.

Squid Game The Challenge
Squid Game The Challenge/ Netflix

It feels like just yesterday that we were introduced to 'Squid Game' the Netflix show that then took the world by storm, became one of the most-watched series in the world and the inspiration for Halloween costumes across the globe.

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In case you have forgotten what the show is about, the premise is this:

Of course, spoiler alert, many players participating in the game very early discover that failure to complete the challenges results in death.

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Netflix has now decided to create a reality show based on the series called 'Squid Game: The Challenge' with one slight change being that all participants will survive at the end, but only one will still walk away with the prize money.

While the show premise itself is already quite unique, what makes it even more interesting is the prize money, which is $4.56-million (roughly R82-million), and is the largest cash prize in history.

The series is set to premiere in November 2023.

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