WATCH: 'The Perilla Leaf Debate' is a dating theory that has caused controversy

WATCH: 'The Perilla Leaf Debate' is a dating theory that has caused controversy

Here is some clarification on the latest disruptive opinion that has divided the dating world.

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There are a lot of things that can make the dating scene hard to navigate, while relationships can have their fair share of drama.

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But what if we were to throw a new theory into the mix that might make you question every move your significant other makes from now on?

TikTok user Amy Shin, @amyyshin, recently had viewers freaking out when she explained a popular Korean dating analogy.

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Amy explains that you have to imagine yourself in a relationship. So you and your significant other are having dinner with a close friend.

"Now, one of the lovely side dishes on the table is ggaenip [or perilla leaves]. It's important to note that the dish is specifically ggaenip, because it is known to be difficult to pick up with chopsticks. Now, this close friend of yours is having a hard time picking it up. She's going at it for a really long time, so your man reaches over, picks it up for her, and puts it on her dish. You didn't even notice she was struggling, but he did."

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Watch the full video below:

@amyyshin The perilla leaf test 🌱🤔 #boyfriendcheck #relationshipgoals #letmeknow ♬ original sound - Amy Shin

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This leads to the question of whether or not this is okay for your significant other (S.O.) to do. There are also a few factors that could change how you feel about the situation. Does it matter whether or not your S.O. knows the friend or not?

Viewers had a lot to say in the comments, with some stating in certain cultures it can be an intimate gesture of love, representing respect and affection.

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Others said they would want to see their S.O. helping out a friend otherwise, "I don't want him lol".

Either way, it seems like this is another agree-to-disagree situation for the romantic world.

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