WATCH: Terrifying moment skateboarder falls off cliff

WATCH: Terrifying moment skateboarder falls off cliff

Do NOT try this at home or at your nearest cliff.

Skateboarder falls off cliff doing trick

Everyone has watched an "epic fails" video compilation or two in their day, but one Twitter account has recently caught everyone's attention for one very specific video they posted.

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The account, @clipsthatgohard, decided to post a video of a skateboarder attempting to do a skate trick.

What makes this interesting is that the skateboarder is planning on doing this trick very close to the edge of a tall cliff which has a very clear, massive drop.

This means that the skateboarder would have to completely nail the trick while making sure he doesn't fall off the side of the cliff and get seriously hurt.

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You probably have a pretty good idea of what happens next:

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One Tweep took the time to screenshot the video to show you exactly how far the skateboarder fell and as if it wasn't bad enough seeing it happen in the first place, seeing how far he fell is even scarier:

Luckily, the skater in the video, @slyycruz, has since posted on TikTok to let people know that he is alive and well, although viewers have taken to the comments to joke that the video was recorded before the accident took place:

@slyycruz Im not dead 😂😂💯#slyycruz #chill #burgers #sk8ordie🛹 ♬ original sound SlyyCruz

While we're happy to see he wasn't seriously harmed, we should once again just state, please do not try to do this unless you are a professional.

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Main image courtesy of @slyycruz/TikTok

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