WATCH: Man tells leopard to 'voetsek' by clapping hands

WATCH: Man tells leopard to 'voetsek' by clapping hands

Today on the list of things you will only see in South Africa...

Only in South Africa! Man tries to get leopard to leave with a hand clap

Most of us would have one kind of reaction when confronted with an animal that can cause us serious harm - run!

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It isn't uncommon to be faced with such a situation in South Africa, as we might see a tiger in Edenvale or a hippo crossing the street in KZN.

And videos like the one you're about to see do make it seem like every person in Mzansi should know how to deal with wild animals.

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In a video shared on TikTok by user @juanrza, an unarmed game ranger is seen confronting a leopard that is casually making its way around a lodge.

Mzansi reacted to the video by saying "That hand clap is the most South African thing we do" and "Tell him voetsek, he’ll go. He’s South African. Speak to him in the language he understands.”

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You can see the ranger's cool, calm, and collected way of dealing with this wild cat right here:

@jaunrza leopard takes a casual stroll through the lodge! welcome to Africa, not my video, DM for credits#tia #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #trending ♬ original sound - Jaun Slabbert

Like we said, only in SA...

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Main image courtesy of @jaunrza/TikTok

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