Man says he's 10 years younger after 97 days in ocean

Man says he's 10 years younger after 97 days in ocean

The fountain of youth might be the ocean itself.

Man spends 100 days under the sea and says it made him younger
Joe Dituri/Instagram

The Earth's oceans form a very crucial part of our ecosystem and are important for the survival of all species on the planet.

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While many scientists bring the work to them and work in their labs, one scientist has taken himself to the source and claims that the work he has done has made him younger!

Joe Dituri has quite an impressive CV, but most importantly is a Biomedical Engineer and professor at the University of South Florida. On social media, he is better known as Dr Deep Sea and has made it his mission to educate the masses on ocean life.

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For the last 100 days, Dr Deep Sea has been living 9.1m below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean in a 100 square foot pod, all of which he has been documenting. He even broke the record for longest time spent living in the sea.

Not only is this study with the aim to find 'new ways to revive marine environments', but it is also providing humans with a very interesting insight into how the human body is affected by living at the bottom of the ocean.

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As it turns out, living in an undersea pod can have incredible health benefits and Dr Deep Sea claims that all these bodily changes have essentially made him 10 years younger:

There is some serious science behind this claim: 

As some humans plan for Mars, it looks like there's some room at the bottom of the ocean for those of us too scared for space.

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Main image courtesy of Joe Dituri/Instagram

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