LISTEN: NASA reveals what the sun sounds like

LISTEN: NASA reveals what the sun sounds like

Ever wondered what the Sun sounds like? Now we know...

LISTEN: NASA reveals what the sun sounds like

If you were to end up in space, without the necessary oxygen and outside of a space suit, then you would probably scream while you float around.

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While the planets and other celestial bodies have gotten used to floating around in space for the last billion years, it turns out that some of them are also making some upsetting noises.

As it turns out, solar physicists from Stanford University have discovered that the Sun is "screaming".

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According to the American Academy of Audiology, the sounds, if they were able to be heard by humans on Earth, would be 100 decibels by the time they reached us, which is considered dangerous for human hearing.

The astronomers used a device called the Michelson Doppler Imager which was mounted onto the SOHO spacecraft orbiting the Sun and 42 days of audio have been compressed into a few seconds of audio.

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NASA has decided to share the raw audio with anyone who wants to hear it:

They have also released an updated video where they adjusted the sound to a lower frequency and explain in further detail how it is possible for humans to hear this sound, and for the Sun to make it:

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Main image courtesy of NASA/YouTube

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