What kinds of behaviour can get you in trouble on social media

What kinds of behaviour can get you in trouble on social media

The social media sphere is a new world for many people, and we are still coming to terms with what exactly the ramifications of our actions are online. Christelle du Toit breaks down the complex topic.

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Living in the digital era is a new still a new concept, and even though people seem to have a grip on how to use it properly, there are a number of ways in which a person can get into trouble online, especially on social media.

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One such story was reported by Jacaranda FM News, where experts had to weigh in and advise parents to keep their children off their social media pages for safety reasons.

In the same vein, many social media sites have made an attempt to keep the youngest people safe from the dangers lurking in the dark alleys of the social media world.

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Adults are not completely safe either, as even well-known celebrities have brought attention to the need for taking care of your mental health while using social media.

This is a very complex topic, and you can hear Christelle du Toit break it down below:

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