Wife reacts to husband getting tattoo of her most unflattering face

Wife reacts to husband getting tattoo of her most unflattering face

A picture is worth a thousand words, but this one left us speechless...

Man gets tattoo of wife's most unflattering picture face

There isn't a set of rules of what not to do when married.

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One can only assume if there was, you might include: "Do not get a massive tattoo of your wife's most unflattering picture because she might not find it as funny as you do."

While it won't necessarily be grounds for divorce, you might find yourself having to spend a few nights sleeping on the couch.

Luckily, Jarrod Grove, 28, and his wife Tegan, 30, are a match made in tattoo heaven.

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Jarrod has many tattoos, but he felt like it was important for him to commemorate an iconic photo of his wife with some ink.

Unfortunately for his wife, he booked himself a session and now has a big, beautiful portrait of her strained face on his leg.

It might sound like a mean move on his part, but as it turns out, Tegan has a funny face that she tends to pull to entertain her friends and it's one of the reasons why he loves her.

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You can see the picture and tattoo in the video below:

@tegan.n.jarrie Names are out, faces are in #tattooideas #fyp #tattoo #tattootiktok #foryou #couplestattoo #newtattoo ♬ original sound - ✨TEGZ N JARRIE✨

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Jarrod did reveal that his wife was not impressed with him when she first saw it.

According to Jarrod, when he revealed his artwork, Tegan burst into tears and he thought he'd made a mistake. As it turns out, she was crying and laughing simultaneously. 

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It might have taken eight painful hours to complete, but Jarrod and Tegan are both happy with the result.

The story doesn't end there!

Tegan has since decided to get here revenge by getting a tattoo of Jarrod which was taken from a video that he hates:

@tegan.n.jarrie Face off #tattoo #tattoocouple #tattooideas #tattoodesign #coupletattoo #ideasfortattoo #tattooprank #tattoofail #tattoochallenge #coupletok #tattootok ♬ original sound - ✨TEGZ N JARRIE✨

It seems like the couple is truly meant for each other...

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Main image courtesy of @tegan.n.jarrie/TikTok

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