World's most expensive ice-cream costs R120k

World's most expensive ice-cream costs R120k

I scream, you scream, but would we all scream for this cheesy ice-cream?

World's most expensive ice cream will cost you over R120k

While most of us are happy with a classic cone or tub of ice-cream from our local supermarkets, one company has decided to elevate this standard treat to a very expensive level.

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If you're lucky and you start saving now, you might be able to afford this delectable dish in a few summers.

Japanese brand Cellato has officially created the world's most expensive ice-cream.

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Guinness World Records has awarded this ice-cream the incredible honour as it retails for ¥880 000 (around R120,000).

The company did however not aim to set a record but was focused on creating a fusion dish with European and Japanese ingredients, and so the Byakuya ice-cream - which translates to 'White Night' - was born.

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Tadayoshi Yamada, the head chef at RiVi, was given the task and used expensive ingredients which include a rare white truffle grown in Alba, Italy, that will cost you 2 million Japanese yen (around R278,000) per kg, sake lees, Parmigiano Reggiano, and topped with gold leaf.

If you do want to spend some money and try the world's most expensive ice-cream, then you can have it shipped from Japan and according to Cellato: “There is no expiration date, but we recommend eating it as soon as possible, about 10 days after purchase, in order to preserve the flavour and texture. [Shipping method] Frozen flight (Yamato Transport).”

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