GMA Extra: A motivated para-athlete meets the Terminator

GMA Extra: A motivated para-athlete meets the Terminator

This past weekend saw the Arnold Classic in Sandton, where human fitness was celebrated in honour of former Mr Universe and actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sheldon Thomas meets Arnold Schwarzenegger

20-year old para-athlete, Sheldon Thomas got the opportunity to meet die Hollywood star and former California Governor for some inspiration. 

Sheldon lost his eye-sight at the age of 18 - as he was finishing school. He was diagnosed with a rare form of "A-typical" Coats disease.  It turns out the Thomas himself wants to inspire other athletes to rise above their physical challenges and to go for gold.   


I have only been a disabled athlete for the past 2 years , I was diagnosed with Coats disease which is a hereditary disease , usually it only affects one eye and they pick it up at around age 5 where as I have " A-typical " Coates disease which means ... diseases don't follow rule books it acts how it wants so my disease affects both eyes and It only basically came into play at age 18 just as I graduated high school so all my life I've been living as a normal ordinary person , and in an instant it just shows you how everything can change 

Able or not every athlete that competes wants to be the best m and the same goes for me I would at my peak like to  push the boundaries of what it means as a disabled athlete and set an example for qualifying for the able body Olympics even if I don't go as long as I can say , as a disabled athlete I managed to run a qualifying time for able body Olympic games , I also want to inspire other athletes to do the same and set higher goals you know last year at the Gauteng trials a lot of the guys were just hoping to qualify for SA champs I want to push their goals as well and say , why not aim higher and go for the world champs or even aim for a record , you're only limited by what you think you can do  so go out there and give it everything you have . 

I also want to give back to the disabled sporting community and get far more involved in SASAPD helping out wherever I can you know like doing the Arnold Classic thing and meeting and taking a photo with Arnold - I mean it's not every day you get that opportunity  which I am great full for.

My times are as follows 

100m - 10.4 (Gauteng trials: able bodied 2016) 

200m - 20.75 (Gauteng trials: able bodied 2016)

60m - 6.63 ( this one I ran in the United States ) 

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