Good Morning Angels: Francois van Coke's biggest supporter gets much-needed help

Good Morning Angels: Francois van Coke's biggest supporter gets much-needed help

Adriaan has not been able to work since his accident last December. This morning the angels come together. 

Adriaan Coetzee on Breakfast with Martin Bester
Adriaan Coetzee on Breakfast with Martin Bester/Supplied



Adriaan Coetzee from Boksburg will tell you that he is a blessed man. This, despite the pain and loss he suffered at the end of 2018 and then the heartache and devastation of suddenly losing his sister at the beginning of 2019. He has not been able to work at all this year, since the accident last December, that all but destroyed his left hand. “I work with my hands. I cannot do my job, without both hands functioning. If I can only get the remaining three fingers on my left hand to bend again, I’ll be fine”, says Adriaan. He was carrying a gas bottle in his left hand when it exploded. He was helping his dad on a job at the time. At first, he was very worried that he would lose his hand completely. He was admitted to a State Hospital for treatment, as he cannot afford medical aid. He was stabilised and lost his middle- and ring-fingers - but the hand was saved. Adriaan is deeply worried about the future: without his hand, he cannot work and without work, he cannot afford the correct follow-up medical treatment to get his left hand operational again. In the meantime, he’s mourning the loss of his sister and the outstanding bills are piling up. Still, Adriaan says he is a blessed man, for having the support and love of his family and friends. 

REQUEST FOR: Adriaan Coetzee 


REQUEST FROM: Francois van Coke 


ANGEL 1: Dr. Helene Basson from Operation Healing Hands 


SPONSORING: Dr. Helene is an orthopaedic surgeon in Pretoria. She will personally examen Adriaan’s hand and consult with him and the Operation Healing Hands team on the best and correct rehabilitative medical treatment to regain use of Adriaan’s left hand. 


ANGEL 2: The Good Morning Angels Fund


SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist Adriaan to cover his outstanding bills and other necessities due to his inability to work, to the value of R15 000,00

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