Good Morning Angels: Long walk to overcome rape and violence

Good Morning Angels: Long walk to overcome rape and violence

Leilani’s Long Walk: A survivor of rape’s journey to overcome, empower, support and inspire

Good Morning Angels
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BACKGROUND:   South Africans have had enough of sexual violence against women and children. Women and men have marched against the unacceptably high rates of rape, sexual abuse, murder in Cape Town and Sandton, as official Police stats show that over the past year, an average of 114 rapes have been reported every day. This, as Stats SA found that only 1 in 9 rapes are reported in South Africa. A more accurate reflection of the rape reality in the country therefore is that on average 1026 rapes are committed every day in South Africa - that's 42 every hour. President Cyril has responded by calling a joint sitting of Parliament today (18 September) to discuss the issues and solutions.  

For 45-year old Leilani Kuter from Roodepoort, these are not just figures and statistics. 

This week, 27 years ago, she was raped and left for dead.

Leilani’s rapist was never found and brought to justice.  

To mark this day and her journey to overcome the ordeal that changed her life, Leilani will be walking 27 kilometres a day, for 27 days.

This is to create awareness and to encourage silent rape survivors to speak out.

Leilani is also raising funds for comfort packs and counselling for survivors of rape.

She’s managed to raise R60 000,00 so far and is hoping to end on at least R270 000,00.

Follow Leilai’s journey:

YOU CAN HELP:  Support Leilani’s walk to raise awareness and funds here:

REQUEST FOR: Leiliani Kuter, rape survivor

ANGEL 1: Christo Bezuidenhout, Round Table

SPONSORING: The Round Table Theatre fund will donate R40 000,00 to Leilani’s cause to supply comfort packs and counselling for survivors of rape

ANGEL 2: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: During Women’s Month in August, Spar North Region stores ran a R1 campaign for Good Morning Angels. From the funds raised, they will donate R72 000,00 to the counciling and comfort pack causes for rape survivors supported by Leilani. 

Leilani's Route: 

Leilani Route
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Ntombisintu Mfunzi, Comrades runner and rape survivor from the Eastern Cape

BACKGROUND: Resilient Eastern Cape rape survivor, Ntombisintu Mfunzi on Sunday joined thousands of runners in the Comrades Marathon, but she has a special mission: to encourage women throughout South Africa to reclaim their dignity against adversity. Mfunzi's world was torn apart on November 12, 2016, when the 37-year-old was raped while preparing to take part in a race to raise awareness of diabetes in Tsolo, in the Eastern Cape. Her attacker bludgeoned her with a hammer and raped her but did not strike the final blow that could have left her dead. 

“I remember him telling me that he did not have it in him to kill me. I managed to convince him not to do so by praying and pleading with him not to kill me, but he said his problem was that I was going to remember him,” she recalls. “I am amazed at the words of encouragement and support from people I’ve never met; some of them have also been victims, like myself, but they’ve never told their husbands that they were raped.

“... talking about it heals, it’s really what has helped me. I don’t think I could have felt this way if I had kept quiet; staying silent kills the most. Healing starts by accepting, as painful as it is, what has happened. I’ve never asked for this, it happened, it’s irreversible, so I’m left with two options: let it destroy my life or I write and speak about it. God has given me a second chance, I must rise above it. This is what I’m going to do.” 

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