Good Morning Angels: Spreading Angel love to three girls fighting cancer

Good Morning Angels: Spreading Angel love to three girls fighting cancer

The Angels have come together to assist three girls and their families as they navigate the burden of cancer.


BACKGROUND: Golf Days can change and sometimes even save lives. The ICC Group and its members recently held their annual golf day to raise funds for families fighting cancer. The Group reached out to Good Morning Angels to help reach some of these families and to offer them some help. This morning, they will spread the love and assistance totalling R101,000 to three families with young daughters who are fighting different kinds and stages of cancer.

ANGEL: Ollie Owen, Acting CEO & Financial Manager – ICC Buying Group & Lifestyle Group 

SPONSORING: The ICC Group and its members recently held their golf day to raise funds for families fighting cancer.

6:45: REQUEST 1:  For 10-year old Kathrine from Springs on the East Rand 

SPONSORING: The ICC Group will assist JB and Kathrine with the R21,000 needed to do the scans and check-ups, to determine her future treatment plan

BACKGROUND: About five years ago, 10-year-old Kathrine started losing sight in both her eyes. She was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH). As a result, her mother decided to home-school her, as she could not go to a “normal” school.  However, in the last few months, her eyesight has become progressively worse, with her vision disappearing completely at times. She is now at the point where she needs to go for further tests and she might need an operation. There may be a tumour, pushing on the retinal veins or maybe the nerve is disintegrating altogether. To be sure, she has to go for tests, which will cost R21 000! Her parents do have medical insurance, but this does not cover these tests. The family has not been able to raise these funds and that’s why her aunt, Jay, wrote to Good Morning Angels for assistance. 

7:15: REQUEST 2: For 10-year-old Skye from Phalaborwa

SPONSORING: The ICC Group will assist Goldina and Skye with R30,000 towards Skye’s treatment and recovery

BACKGROUND: 10-year-old Skye de Jongh is the middle of Glodina’s three daughters. The family was shocked by news recently that Skye was diagnosed with cancer of the hard palate. The cancer was believed to be very close the brain stem - a life-threatening situation. The family does not have a medical aid and travelled all the way from Phalaborwa in Limpopo, to a State Hospital in Gauteng. The oncologist at the hospital worked at speed to get her admitted, to remove the cancer. Skye had her operation last week and - to the doctor and her family’s relief - all the cancer could be removed from her palate safely!!!

The first step is done - but much more recovery lies ahead and more surgery is possible. Her uncle, Joe wrote to Good Morning Angels from the Western Cape, to help this family, as he himself also had a cancer scare - and he understands the costs that are still to come.

7:35: REQUEST 3: For four-year-old Ashlynn from Krugersdorp

SPONSORING: The ICC Group will assist Jodie and Ashlynn with R50,000 towards her treatment and recovery

BACKGROUND: 4-year-old Ashlynn was supposed to be in theatre this morning, for a very specialised operation - on her tongue … but she is not feeling well and the operation has again been moved by a week. Her mom, Jodie explains that Ashlynn was diagnosed with Lymphatic Malformation - on her tongue. Unfortunately, her Lymphangioma worsens as she ages and spread to the back of her tongue. Her parents Jodie and Jaco's greatest fear is that it will spread to her neck area. They searched far and wide for a doctor to provide the correct treatment and surgery and found him in Pretoria. They then started efforts to raise funds, as they do not have medical aid.  

The family managed to raise enough to book the procedure - but there is a long road of more surgery, injections therapy and treatment ahead. 

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