Good Morning Angels: A young girl's matric dance dreams come true

Good Morning Angels: A young girl's matric dance dreams come true

After suffering an immense loss, a mother helps her daughter to celebrate life again. 

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BACKGROUND: Palesa Moeketsi, 17, and her older sister, Tshiamo Moeketsi, were the best of friends growing up. They only differed a year in age and people thought they were twins. In fact, they lived like twins. Their mom, Mmapitso Moeketsi, says they did everything together and planned their futures. Then, in October 2020, a tragedy hit their family: Tshiamo suddenly fell ill. Her appendix burst. Before they could make sense of it all, Tshiamo died. This shocked their family to the core and they are still coming to terms with their loss.

Both Mmapitso and her husband are unemployed. Palesa is in matric and they also have a younger son in school. Mmapitso says they went for counselling and sought help to deal with the pain, but Palesa is still struggling. The loss of her sister and best friend is still too much to bear. Mmapitso says she’s angry at the world and prefers spending her time in her room, alone.

To help her daughter look forward to something and make her feel special again, she has asked Good Morning Angels for assistance with Palesa’s upcoming Matric Farewell. She wants Palesa to feel special and to show her that her sister is still with her in spirit and wishes her to continue with her life, just as they had planned. But, with no income, Mmapitso cannot afford to do this and that’s why she reached out to Good Morning Angels. 

Young Palesa and Tshiamo

REQUEST FOR: 17-year-old Palesa Moeketsi 

REQUEST FROM: Her mother, Mmapitso Moeketsi 

ANGEL 1: Mercia van der Walt, House of Superior Clothing 

SPONSORING: Mercia has a vast selection of matric farewell dresses for Palesa to choose from. Mercia and her team will ensure that she finds the perfect dress and alter it to her specifications if needed. They will also assist with the perfect shoes and accessories - doing what they do best - dressing women!

ANGEL 2: Walter Wurth from Follicle Hair 

SPONSORING: Walter and his team will make sure Palesa’s hair and make-up are done perfectly, so she can shine on her big night like the princess she is!


Good Morning Angels

My name is Mmapitso Moeketsi. I sincerely ask for help for my daughter, who’s 17 years old. I am a mother to 3 children: 2 daughters and one boy. My girls were just a year apart. They grew up more like twins since they looked more of the same age most of their childhood. They were very close and had plans to do everything together and also planned their future together, like their matric farewell, their varsity life and many other things. They really loved each other. Unfortunately, we lost one of my daughters, who was our first born (Tshiamo Moeketsi), on 19 October 2020. Tshiamo died an unexpected death due to a ruptured appendix. Everything happened so fast and we lost her.

We struggled so much to come to terms with the loss; we went for counselling sessions and all but my daughter Palesa Moeketsi is still struggling to go on - understandably that they were just teenagers whose been close to each other (sisters/friends) since birth.

After Tshiamo's passing, Palesa is not looking forward to life. She comes across as a very angry child. She doesn’t communicate much and locks herself in her room. She’s in grade 12 now, and I wished to do something special for her,  to show her that she doesn’t need Tshiamo to be physically here with her to matter, but that we love her and we want her to know that she can still look forward to life.

I wanted to make her matric farewell extra special, but since I’m unemployed, it’s a real struggle. I was hoping something would come up before the date in September, but now I’m losing hope since the dates are nearing and I haven’t been lucky with employment just yet.

I really need the Angels to help. Any help I could get to at least make it possible for her to feel special on her matric farewell. Anything to cheer her up on that big day and to also look forward to her varsity life that’s also around the corner. I’ll appreciate any help, like a dress just for my Angel to feel special on the day.

Thanking you in advance
Yours sincerely
Mmapitso Moeketsi (Mother)

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